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Amos N Andy

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 1
Classified Ad
Andy takes out a personal ad to meet a woman for marriage. Andy meets Suzanne Wilson and gives her $400 for dental work she needs done. Suzanne`s old flame shows up and Andy gets dumped.
The Piggy Bank
Sapphire is saving money in a piggy bank. George replaces the coins with washers. He then goes on a TV game show and wins $300 to replace the money he took from the piggy bank.
Traffic Violations
George gets a check from an insurance company and buys a lemon of a car. George then cons Andy into co-ownership of the car. George indentifies himself as Andy when receiving traffic tickets and both end up in court.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 2

Kingfish Has a Baby
Sapphire has left Kingfish again and George thinks he is going to be a father. George decides to take the ultimate step, get a job !
Jewelry Store Robbery
While Andy and the Kingfish are taking pictures in front of a jewelry store while it is held up. Thinking that they have the robber`s picture, the Kingfish tries to cheat Andy out of his share of a $1000 reward.
Meal Tickets
Kingfish has another scam. This time it`s theSociety for Home Cooked Meals for Unwed Bachelors. Kingfish sells Andy and his other friends meal tickets for a month and has Sapphire unknowingly do the cooking. The guys all end up eating on the roof of the building.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 3
Second Honeymoon
It`s Saphire`s and George`s 25th anniversary and their off to Niagra Falls for a second honeymoon.
The Birthday Card
It`s George`s birthday and George gets a birthday card from an unknown woman. Saphire thinks George is cheating on her but Amos`s daughter, Arbadella is really the one that sent George the card.
Uranium Mine
George sells Andy a piece of land leading Andy to believe that there is uranium on the property. Calhoun comes back telling George Andy found uranium and then George is out to get the land back.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 4
The Boarder
Kingfish has finally gotten rid of Sapphire`s Mama. George takes in a boarder to replace the $15.00 a week his is loosing. The boarder, turns out to be a singer and worse than Mama was.
The Happy Stevens
Sapphire listens to the Happy Harringtons radio show and gets the idea for her and George to model their lives after the Harrigons until they discover the Happy Harringtons are not so happy.
The Vacation
Sapphire and Mama are planning a trip to Maine but George has spent the money set aside for their trip. George sells the car just as Sapphire buys a trailer for the trip.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 5
Press Agent
Kingfish hawks Momma`s pin to get a TV set. George then becomes a press agent in order to earn $100 which he needs to get his mother-in-law`s pin out of hawk.
Light Blue Car
George`s Car is used in a robbery while he is asleep in the lodge. George then unloads the car on Andy and when A ndy finds out they paint the car blue. A police officer sits on the car discovering the wet paint and Andy and George end up in court. Things are going well in court until their lawyer friend Calhoun shows up.
Andy Falls In Love
Cynthia Barrie, an actress, and Andy are engaged. Andy gets jealous with Cynthia`s acting with other men. George sets out to make a star out of Andy so hecan act with Cynthia instead of other men.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 6
Insurance Policy
Andy is selling life insurance and Saphire wants George to buy a policy. George goes to the doctor and Andy gets the idea George has only three weeks to live. Andy tells everyone that George is dying.
Income Tax
Amos helps Andy and George prepare their income tax returns. George then asks Andy to mail them before the deadline and Andy forgets.
Cousin Effie`s Will
George`s cousin Effie has died and left an inheritance of $200 to George if he has a son. George figures if he adopts Andy he will be eligible for the inheritance.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 7
Superfine Brushes
Saphire gets George a job as a door to door salesman and George ends up getting Andy to do the selling for him.
Father By Proxy
Andy drives a pregnant woman to the hospital. When she arrives in labor Andy is asked questions and it is assumed he is the father.
The Adoption
Saphire wants to adopt a child. George pretends to be a big shot of a company making a big income so the foundation home will let them adopt a child.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 8
Amos Helps Out
George and Saphire are on the verg of breaking up so Amos sends the reverend to their house. The reverend gets the two back together.
Sapphire Disappears
Saphire`s mama talks Saphire into leaving George until he gets a job.
George unknowingly rents the basement of the lodge hall to counterfeiters.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 9
Andy Goes To College
George takes a job at the threat of Saphire leaving him. George then cons Andy into doing his work for him.
$ 100,000 Chair
Andy and George buy a chair at an auction and then discover $100,000 stashed in it.
Vacant Lot
George sells Andy a lot with a single sided house on it. Andy wants his money back until he is convinced by George that there is oil on the property.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 10
George once again cons Andy into buying a ticket to win a trip to Arabia. What Andy doesn`t know is that George collects $200 if Andy goes.
Engagement Ring
George borrows Sapphire`s engagement ring and gives it to Andy for him to use to get married.
Kingfish Gets Drafted
The Kingfish is mistaken for another George Stevens by the draft board. George tells all his friends he`s going to be a soldier then flunks the physical exam.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 11
Turkey Dinner
Saphire`s women`s club is planning a turkey dinner and George gets the idea to buy the turkeys from a farmer and sell them to the women`s club at a profit. The laughs start in the Mystic Knights of the Sea lodge hall.
The Diary
The girl living above the Stevens gives Saphire her diary for safe keeping. George finds the diary and reads about another man. George thinks the diary is Saphire`s and that she is seeing another man.
Kingfish`s Secretary
A lodge brother dies and leaves the lodge brothers some money. In no time at all George has the money spent on a secretary for himself.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 12
Invisible Glass
Kingfish cons Andy into giving him some valuable stock in Consolidated Glass by leading Andy to believe that he has stock more valuable in invisible glass. Calhoun hides in the closet breaking real glass to furnish the sounds of the invisible glass breaking as to convince Andy there is such a thing as invisible glass.
Antique Shop
Kingfish can make a fast $250 if he can find a buyer for the Ben`s antique shop. George goes through all sorts of troubles to convince his uncle Leo to buy the shop at which point Ben decides not to sell.
I`se regusted.
Kingfish Teaches Andy To Fly Calhoun tells George he knows of a flying school that pays $50 for every referal. George then convinces Andy to take flying lessons. When they get to the school the pilot is gone so what to do, Kingfish attempts to teach Andy to fly.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 13

Return of Madam Queen
Andy prepares to marry a young woman he met while trapped in an elevator with her. The young womans mother turns out to be Madam Queen, Andy`s old flame.
Broken Clock
George is given a clock from his lodge brothers. The clock breaks and when Andy and George go to the factory to have it repaired they are mistaken for men sent to test a military clock. Andy and George are then thought to be saboteurs.
Kingfish`s Last Friend
George unloads some bad stock on Andy and then has misgivings. George frantically attempts to save his relationship with his last friend, Andy Brown.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 14
While at the ballgame, George finds a ring in his box of Krispy Jacks. Little does he know that a woman in the upper deck dropped the ring and it`s worth $3,000.
Girl At the Station
George accidentally gets his picture taken with another woman and Saphire sees it. Saphire leaves George so George gets the woman to explain to Saphire it was all a mistake.
Andy Buys A House
George gets a job with a reality firm and sells Andy a house that is in the path of a new highway being constructed.
Approximately 81 minutes -----$10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 15
Andy Plays Santa Claus
Andy works as Santa Claus at a department store so he can buy Amos`s daughter, Arbadella a doll she wants for Christmas.
George goes to court and gets a restraining order against his mother in law. Cousin Leroy then moves in and George finds himself in court once again.
Call Lehigh 4-9900
George calls a lonely hearts club by mistake. Saphire finds the number and calls it and then the trouble begins.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 16
Society Party
George`s wife and Andy`s girlfriend are both going to the same party. They don`t know it but they are both going to be wearing the same fur coat.
The Convention
George and his lodge brothers are off to Chicago to represent the Mystic Knights of the Sea at a convention.
Andy Gets A Telegram
Andy gets a telegram from his uncle Percival. What he doesn`t know is that Saphire really sent it.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 17
Andy Needs Glasses
Andy gets a ticket for running a red light. The judge tells him to get glasses and to take a driver`s test. George cons Andy into believing his vision is to poor to drive. George can then buy Andy`s car for cheap.
New Neighbors
New neighbors move in next to the Stevens. George wants them out because they keep borrowing things. Things get complicated when George gets the idea to use a baby`s crying to get rid of his new neighbors.
Kingfish Gets Amnesia
George becomes a banker borrowing money from Andy to pay off his debts. George tells Andy he has turned over a new leaf. Once Andy finds out George is conning him & confronts George, George then gets amnesia.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 18
Kingfish Pawns A Gun
George finds a gun in a purse he bought Saphire for their 20th anniversary. George takes the gun down to Anderson`s pawn shop and the storekeeper mistakes him for a robber. George ends up in court.
Quo Vadis
Sam Jackson from George`s home town is in town and wants to see George and what a success he has become, which George wrote and told him. Mr. Jackson and George end up at a party where Saphire is the maid.
Saphire gets George a job as an insurance salesman. George starts his own insurance conpany. George then convinces Andy he only has a few months to lve to get Andy to buy a hospitalization policy from him.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 19
The Diner
Andy and George buy a diner only to learn that a new highway will bypass it. Calhoun convinces the bus company to reroute the buses back to the old road. In the meantime Andy and George move the diner next to the new road.
Ballet Tickets
George finds a wallet with ballet tickets in it. He gives the tickets to Saphire and mama because Saphire said he never takes her out. The wallet is reported as stolen and thew police track it down to Saphire and momma at the ballet.
Chinchilla Business
Andy promises his girlfriend a fur coat. George sees an ad for raisning chinchillas. George talks Andy into giving him fifty dollars to buy a pair of chinchillas, which are actually rabbits. When they multiply Andy will have a fur coat for just fifty dollars.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 20
Ready Made Family
Uncle Clarence comes to visit the Stevens to see their new baby that George wrote and told him about. Uncle Clarence always gives a gift of five hundred dollars to a new baby. Now all George has to do is come up with a baby.
Leroy`s Suits
Saphire`s brother Leroy is going to live in South America. George is suppose to sell Leroy`s old suits and then send Leroy the money.
Andy The Godfather
Andy promises Amos`s daughter, Arbadella, his godchild that he will find her a boyfriend.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 21
Seeing Is Believing
Saphire has Andy to dinner while George is away and while the ladies next door watch through the window. The ladies call George and tell him. George has Leroy find out who Saphire is seeing.
Kingfish Finds His Future
George feels he is a failure. Amos tells George to take an aptitude test. George`s test gets mixed up with a super smart man`s test. The test says George is an artist. George becomes an artist doomed to failure.
Leroy Lends A Hand
Saphire`s brother, Leroy comes to visit and helps out by selling a car off the parking lot Andy and George are running. The situation gets tense when the owner comes back for his car.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 22
Madam Queen`s Voice
Andy and George see Madam Queen win a singing contest on TV. George is out to become Madam Queen`s manager and make a fortune.
Viva La France
Andy meets a french girl and for a fee George teaches Andy french.
Winslow Woman
Andy is out to marry a woman for her money.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

The Amos `n Andy Show -----Volume 23
Getting Momma Married Part 1
Saphire`s mother comes to live with George and her daughter. George is bound and determined to his mother in law a husband so she will move out.
Getting Momma Married Part 2
The man that George has found to marry his mother in law turns out to be a swindler.
Rare Coin
Andy finds a 1877 nickel which is worth twohundredfifty dollars. George tricks Andy out of the nickel and then accidentally puts the nickel into a payphone. Both Andy and George go through alot of trouble to get the nickel back.
Approximately 81 minutes ----- $10.00 + shipping

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