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Complete 20 Volume Series

Volume 1

Nina Harley, Kim Carson, Kristara Barrington,
Tamara Longley, Tesse Ferre, Gina Carrera,
Sandy Summers, Lana Burner

Hot n` Juicy Pearl-Diving at it`s Best!
If girl-to-girl action is your meat,
here is the ultimate treat.
Eight of porndom`s hottest honeys
are here caught lappin` up the nectar,
dildo-in around the two-lips,
and comin` on strong to make sure
that everyone has a Juicy Good Time!
They may not need a man for this type of action,
but I`m sure they enjoy you watching
and getting a Stiff, Hard reaction!

Volume 2

Candie Evans, Elle Rio, Taija Rae,
Sharon Mitchell, Krysta Lane

Slutty Nympho Sisters In Heat!
Take a delicious dip into the most
luscious Lesbian action imaginable.
Who could top the ravenous oral
skills of insatiable Sharon Mitchell?
Sultry Krysta Lane and fiery Elle Rio
explode in a juicy, muff-diving
orgy that`s relentlessly hot.
Plus, moist heat hussies Candie Evans
and Taija Rae go where no man has gone before!
It`s all part of the sizzling,
flap-lapping fun in Girls Who Love Girls Volume 2.

Volume 3

Ginger Lynn, Stacey Donovan,
Heather Wayne, Susan Hart

Frantic Flap-Lapping Fun!
Welcome to Cooze Corner and get an erotic
eyeful of the Girls Who Love Girls.
First, insatiable Ginger Lynn chews on
sin-sational Stacey Donovan`s G-spot
`til there ain`t no more!
Then, horny Heather Wayne tussles with
torrid Susan Hart - demonstrating secret
lesbian tongue tricks that drive a gal wild!
And there`s lots more gluttonous girl-girl
action in this guaranteed scorcher!

Volume 4

Nina Hartley, Ariel Knight,
Tamara Longley, Sheri St. Clair,
Karen Summers, Keisha

Gasping Girl-Girl Gluttony!
It`s pure female fantasy!
All girl-girl action, all the time!
Tamara Longley and Shere St. Clair
have a nose for cooze... and
they do a lot more than sniff!
Voluptuous Keisha flashes gash for an
invasion of her pink pleasure palace.
And all-star lesbian muff-diver Nina Hartley
administers some lifesaving mouth-to-crouch resuscitation!
These gals don`t ever come up for air!

Volume 6

Amber Lynn, Anna Ventura, Cassandra Leigh,
Danielle, Ginger Lynn, Kristara Barrington,
Porsche Lynn, Susan Hart, Tish Ambrose

"It`s Cherry-Picking Time!"
Their secret shame and dirty desires know no bounds!
Tight pussies and probing tongues drive
these greedy girls to new heights of orgasm.
Those Lynn Sisters (Ginger, Amber, and Porsche) love to lez!
And don`t miss Kristara Barrington and Tish Ambrose!
This is the lesbian smut-fest you`ve been waiting for!

Volume 7

Ona Zee, Melissa Melendez,
Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell,
Elle Rio, Sade

Luscious Lezzie Lovers. Waht they won`t thinl of next!
A delicious double-banger with
passion-probing dildoes makes Ona Zee
and Melissa Melendez wet with delight!
Nina Hartley and Sharon Mitchell turn
lezzie-licking a wanton work of art...
but the best is yet to come!
Spitfire Elle Rio and black goddess Sade
devour each other`s throbbing honey holes!

Volume 8

Angel Kelly, Christy Canyon, Keisha,
Krista Lane, Susan Hart, Taija Rae,
Tiffany Storm, Tracey Adams

"Lady-Lovers In Action!"
Tracy Adams and Keisha hear an Indian
lust-call when they join an Apache princess
for a lezzie three-way free-for-all.
Then, Taija Rae takes on two black beauties
for some interracial lust while dominating
Krista Lane insists on sordid
sex games with the girl of her dreams!
Um-mmmm! More tasty girl/girl is on the way with
Karen Summer and voluptuous Christy Canyon!

Volume 9

Angela Baron, Blondi, Erica Boyer,
Frankie Leigh, Krista Lane,
Stephanie Rage

"Horny Honeys With Greedy Tongues!"
Boy-toys they`re not...especially when girl-toys are hot!
Wild women Erica Boyer and Krista Lane get down for
some very dirty disco dancing - and nipple nibbling!
Can anyone top the lewd lesbian antics
of Elle Rio, Angel Kelly and Lois Ayers!?
Scene after scene of sizzling lezzie
sluttery explodes for your erotic pleasure!
It`s wild, wet and horny!

Volume 11

Crystal Breeze, Jeanna Fine, Keisha,
Samantha Strong, Sheena Horne,
Siobhan Hunter

"Girl Urges And Surges!"
A wild wind`s blowing when Crystal Breeze
and Samantha Strong cook up a
hot lesbian hurricane of lust!
If that doesn`t shiver your timbers,
check out Jeanna Fine`s crotch-burning
encounter with insatiable Siobhan Hunter.
This lez-a-rama is a sizzler,
climaxed by a mind-blowing dirty-double
with Sheena Horne and Keisha!

Volume 13

Cara Lott, Christy Canyon, Krista Lane,
Leslie Winston, Megan Leigh, Misty Regan,
Molly O'Brien, Porsche Lynn, Sara Williams,
Sharon Kane, Stephanie Rage

"Luscious Lesbian Orgies!"
The girls can`t control themselves!
They need lesbo-lust and now!!
First, Megan Leigh wallows in
some dirty girl-girl antics.
Then, hold on for an all-star orgy with
Stephanie Rage, Porsche Lynn, and Sharon Kane!
Plus, Misty Regan and Molly O`Brian
work each other over like the slut-puppies
that they really are!

Volume 14

Erica Boyer, Keisha, Krista Lane,
Porsche Lynn, Sharon Kane,
Stephanie Rage

"Femme Fatale Friction"
The lesbian sex stampede has started!
A four-way orgy with Porsche Lynn,
Sharon Mitchell, Erica Boyer and stephanie Rage
proves to be a bra-busting bang-a-thon!
Krista Lane goes for the girl-girl gusto,
while exotic Sheena Horn uses her
instrument in a dirty get-down!
Plus, mega-endowed Trinity Loren heaves
her horny hooters for the right gal!

Volume 15

Carol Cross, Chanel Price, Heather Manfield,
Kristara Barrington, Nicole West,
Sheri St. Clair, Tami White, Tasha Voux

"Sex-Kittens In Heat!"
Naked desires exposed raw!!
Sheri St. Clair gives her cat-house sister
a bubble bath that makes her "purr" like a pussy!
Then, Eurasian sluttress Kristara Barrington
double-doses on lesbian know-how (and how!).
The explosive lust doesn`t quit...until
Ariel Knight takes a didlo interrogation
beyond your wildest imagination!

Volume 16

Blondi, Fallon, Nina Hartley,
Renee Morgan, Sharon Kane,
Sharon Mitchell, Tracey Adams

"Sweet Nothings With Hot Honeys!"
Just thinking about forbidden
lesbian desires makes them wet!
Sharon Kane, Blondie and Sharon Mitchell
start a flood of wicked wantonness
in a girl-girl stage act!
Then, Renee Morgan, Nina DePonca and Fallon
hit a gusher in an anal dildo session!
Plus, there`s Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams and more,
in this wild wave of lesbo lickings!

Volume 17

Aja, Alexa Parks, Angel Kelly,
Krista Lane, Rachel Ryan,
Sharon Mitchell, Tami Monroe,
Tori Welles, Tracey Adams,
Victoria Paris

"Whispers And Dirty Desires!"
Making every luscious moment count,
this beautiful bevy of Wild Girls Who Love Girls
are dripping with insatiable needs!
Tori Welles gives Tami Monroe a dildo lesson
while Sharon Mitchell and tracey Adams
try a little cramming of their own!
Plus, there`s Victoria Paris, Krista Lane
and a lesbo sex-toy party you won`t believe!

Volume 18

Nina Hartley, Hyapatia Lee,
Megan Leigh, Molly O`Brian,
Amber Lynn, Misty Regan

"The Sisterhood Of Sleaze!"
A bunkhouse lez-bang with gorgeous
Amber Lynn sets the pace for this
cavalcade of girl/girl carnality!
Horny Hyapatia Lee and Nina Hartley
make outdoor whoopee,
while Misty Regan and busty Molly O`Brian
go with the frantic flow!
Finally, Megan Leigh gives a raunchy rub-down
to her girlfriend that gets
everything tingling and torrid!

Volume 19

Barbara Dare, Elle Rio,
Heather Manfield, Nikki Randall,
Nina Hartley, Porsche Lynn,
Sheri St. Clair, Tami White,
Tanya Foxx

"A Female Suck Frenzy!"
Nina Hartley satisfies her craving for
Barbara Dare as these shameless sluts
slurp and suck each other senseless!
This wild showcase of girl/girl action
is just getting started as Ariel Knight
and Tanya Fox get together for
some serious muff munching.
Legendary lesbo Porsche Lynn makes the
night shift sizzle with naughty Nikki Randall
while Elle Rio gets gang-banged
at an all girl dildo party!
There`s just no stopping these wild women!

Volume 20

Victoria Paris, Rachel Ryan,
Tracey Adams, Tori Welles,
Megan Leigh, Frankie Leigh

"Oh Baby, Lick Me Till I Scream!"
The action gets started when two rich bitches
decide to do some dirty deeds on each other
while recreation director Rachel Ryan gives
princess Tracey Adams a royal rub down that
leads to some sizzling lesbo action.
Next, a female photographer wearing a strap-on
turns a glamour photo shoot into a frantic free-for-all,
and Megan Leigh licks her lesbian lover into oblivion.
Finally, two asspiring actresses have hot fantasies
about each other that turns to reality!

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