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Volume 1
The Silent Guns
Give Em Enough Rope
Programmed For Death
Crime Wave
The Frog is a Deadly Weapon
Eat Drink and Be Dead
Beautiful Dreamer Part 1
Volume 2
Beautiful Dreamer Part 2
The Ray is for Killing
The Praying Mantis
The Hunters and the Hunted
Deadline for Death
The Secret of Sally Bell
Freeway to Death

Volume 3
May the Best Man Lose
The Firefly
Seek, Stalk and Destroy
Corpse of the Year Part 1
Corpse of the Year Part 2
Ace in the Hole
Bad Bet on 459-Silent
Volume 4
Trouble for Prince Charming
Alias "The Scarf"
Hornet, Save Thyself
Invasion from Outer Space Part 1
Invasion from Outer Space Part 2
A Piece of Mind
Batman`s Satisfaction

The complete series that aired from September 1966 through July 1967
The Batman crossover episodes are also included in this 4 disc DVD set

Available as a 4 disc / volume set only.
No individual discs / volumes available.

These discs are region free NTSC U.S. standard.
Available on DVD disc only.

Discs are packaged within a multi disc case with cover art.
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DVDs are Region Free, NTSC U.S. Standard.

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